You Must Include Security Features in Your Self Storage Unit

To find the perfect storage unit, there are several factors to be considered. Security is often overlooked when evaluating factors such as location, price, or services. The result can be theft, loss or burglary. This makes it very expensive to rent a facility that is not well-secured.

Before you buy a unit, consider a few safety features.

You should fence your entire facility. Fencing can be constructed from metal or brick. Metal fencing can be more dangerous and less secure. A brick wall is a better option. The fences need to be sufficiently high so that criminals cannot jump over them. Entrances or gates must be correctly numbered and manned by officials in a rotation, more help.

Install a surveillance camera system in your self-storage facility. The system should have CCTV cameras as well as alarms to prevent thefts and fires. It is important that the storage unit has adequate lighting and motion sensors in areas with low light. A sufficient amount of memory should be available for the surveillance systems. Monitor, upgrade and review the surveillance systems easily.

It is essential that the self-storage facility has its own lock system. The operator should keep track of every individual that has a key set in order to maintain safety. Self-storage units should only be accessible to registered users.

Self-storage facilities that offer comprehensive coverage will be the best. Even the strongest locks and most effective protection can fail. An insurance policy with adequate coverage is the unexpected solution in such a situation. You can protect your valuables from damage and natural disasters for a small cost. It is worthwhile to ask your storage company what it has to offer.

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