Why Do You Need to Repair Your Roof After a Cold Winter?



Winter is a time when your roof will be constantly exposed to wind, rain, snow, and freezing. It is possible that the roof may suffer serious damage. When heavy spring rains arrive, it is possible that your roof will leak. An inspection of your roof and the necessary repairs will prevent you from spending thousands on damage, find out more.


Roofs older than 20 years can be especially vulnerable. Why? Roof repairs may be required if Mother Nature has worn out the shingles. Roof repairs might be needed.


It is possible that your roof needs repairs due to damaged shingles caused by winter wind or loose shingles. Cold temperatures will make the shingles more brittle. The cold temperatures will cause the shingles to be easily broken by wind. Flashings, for example, are important repairs. Nails and caulking that is exposed can become crumbly and dry. The gaps created allow water to easily leak. They can pose a danger, especially near skylights, fireplaces, and anywhere shingles press up against the building. These areas are vital for spring roof repair.


Prices for spring roof checks or tune-ups range between $200 and $500. 400 dollars is a reasonable amount. Hire a professional roofer that has experience and can give references. Verify that the references are recent and check their quality. The roof inspection will be deducted by good roofing companies from any additional costs. Roof inspections are deducted from your bill, if you have to spend $1500 on repairs. It is important to ask in advance whether the deductible will apply to roof repair.


A company that specializes in roof repairs should inspect your attic. You can learn a lot about your roof’s condition by inspecting the underside of the deck. In the attic, you can find stains, water marks and rust as well as wet, or swollen, insulation. This allows accurate repair.


As part of your spring roof care, eave-gutters are also essential. Water can collect under the eaves if drainage is blocked. When water expands when it freezes, eaves troughs bend and distort. Also, ice dams cause damage to shingles or wood. Damage can be found and fixed before roof damage occurs.

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