Who does the website of your church purport to serve?

Ah, the age-old question of why your church needs a website! For many years, this question has puzzled church leaders, theologians, and website builders. My reader, it would be best to relax. I will clarify this confusing situation. Discover more?

Your congregation: This is the most important audience for your church website. It is also your primary target audience. They should be able access information about your church and upcoming events, as well as sermons. They should be able connect with the members of your church.

Website visitors can also learn more about your church by visiting your site. You want to leave a lasting impression and encourage people to visit your church or come see you in person.

The general public: Your website could be a valuable resource to the general public. This could include providing information on the doctrines, principles and message of your church, as well as opportunities for spiritual growth.

Search engines are an integral part of your everyday life. Search engine friendly websites are a good example of how to make your website more searchable by people searching for churches nearby.

Your website should be a platform for future growth. You could add new features such as live streaming, discussion forums or online fundraising.

The website you create for your church will benefit not only your congregation, but also the site visitors, the general population, search engines, as well as the future. These categories will help you create a website that represents you church and encourages others to join you community.

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