What Grinder is Right for Your Espresso Machine?

To brew the perfect espresso you need to choose the grinder that is right for your machine. The grind size and consistency of the espresso is directly affected by your grinder. The two main types of coffee machines grinders are blade grinders and burrs grinders.

Burr Grinders:

It is generally accepted that burr mills produce the best espresso. It consists of two conical burrs or flat burrs which rotate and crush the coffee into uniform sizes. Burr mills are able to grind coffee beans with precision, leading to a smoother extraction of espresso. The grinder produces less heat, thus preserving coffee’s aromas and tastes.

Blade Grinders

To cut coffee beans, the spinning blades of a blade grinder are used. Blade grinders, while less expensive and easily accessible, aren’t the best choice for making coffee espresso.

Inconsistent extractions and unbalanced shots of espresso can be caused by blade grinders. Due to the inability to adjust grind size, it can be difficult for you achieve optimal results.

Grind Size:

To get the best espresso possible, you need to have a consistent grind size. The burr grind can be fine-tuned to the espresso machine specifications, guaranteeing a consistent and reliable extraction. On the other hand blade grinders produce both coarse and very fine particles which may lead to an over or under extraction.

Burr Grinder investment is worth it:

The purchase of a burr-grinder is highly recommended for those espresso enthusiasts who want to make quality shots. A burr mill with durable construction is a must. Also, it should have high-quality, adjustable burrs. While they may cost more initially, burr grinding provides better control, consistency and overall flavor for your espresso.

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