Towing Services For Road Assistance And Tire Problems

A towing service companies must offer you the services you require quickly, including towing. They should also provide additional services, like emergency assistance when you get a flat, lose your battery, lock yourself out of your car, etc. While these services are great, safety is always the top priority. Safety of your vehicle, you and your family.

Safety chains are essential when towing a car. They ensure that the car is attached to your towing vehicle. Safety chains are essential for the safety of your car, and they also keep you legally compliant. If you use safety chains, make sure the chains are crossed underneath the tongue of the vehicle. This ensures that if the trailer should become detached from its hitch the tow truck will remain attached. We ensure that your towing chain is loose enough so you can take turns pulling, but not loose enough that it hangs on the ground. Towing your car, you need to make sure that the cars behind know when you’re going to brake or turn. We check that the trailer has brake, side and tail lights that are in harmony with those of the tow vehicle. To get these signals, each trailer comes with a wiring harness that connects to the tow truck’s wiring.

Safety is important to us, but so is the fact that we understand the need for an educated driver at the scene. This is true whether you are in need of a towing service, roadside assistance, lockouts, tire changes, flat tires, low fuel, a car in the ditch, a dead battery, vehicle diagnostics or any other type of emergency. Be sure that your towing company also offers flatbed service, long distance or local towing, as well as light and medium-duty towing. During the winter months, they should also offer snowplowing for both commercial and residential customers. Make sure they are professional, well-trained and on duty 24/7, seven days a weeks, for towing services, service calls, roadside assistance, accident removal or parking lot towing.

Towing numbers should be kept handy in the event of an accident, breakdown, or for regular service. If you are able to follow a few basic guidelines such as regular maintenance and monthly or weekly checks, you can save yourself a lot from discomfort and bad experiences. You should check the tires, headlights and taillights. Also, make sure you have a fresh battery-powered flashlight, a first aid kit in your trunk, as well as some extra clothes. You’ll need a few tools, such as antifreeze or a quart oil. Also, you may want to keep a safety light for emergencies at night and a bag cat litter in the trunk.

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