There are many things you should know about crystal perfume bottles

Perfumes are not only about smelling good, but they also hold many precious memories. Avant 1950, perfume was an expensive product only for the elite. But modern perfumeries gradually began to mass market it for all. In time, people began buying beautiful bottles to store their perfumes. With their beautiful designer stoppers and intricately shaped bottles, these are true works of artistry. More bonuses!

Glass Perfume Bottles became more and more in demand when crystals began to be used widely. They are available with antique crystal vials or in brilliant displays. The modern age has seen them as items that have both artistic and cultural significance. These perfume bottles are available in an array of shapes and colors, from hand-painted glass to elaborately embellished pieces.

History of Perfume Bottles

Because of advances in organic chemical, the first perfume bottles appeared during the 19th-century. For women, the majority of perfume vials featured floral designs and were manufactured from crystal. Some of the vials had wands so that they could be placed on your wrist or around the neck. This is the time when atomizers appeared for spraying using a applicator. Many manufacturers started producing empty containers so that women can store their favourite perfume.

It was not until the turn of the century that the soldiers began bringing back perfume. Due to the increase in demand, companies began to collaborate with designer to come up with new bottles. Hollywood had an influence on packaging design as well, thanks to its glamour.

In addition, modern art movements and rock bands have fueled the creativity, leading to decorative toppers that are shaped as flowers, fruits or hats.

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