The Double Eyelid Surgery

Like breast augmentations and lifts, eyelid surgery serves two distinct purposes. Others may not be aware of the other cosmetic surgery procedures available. You may be considering eyelid surgeries if the upper or lower eyelids are sagging or have wrinkles or fat. Although it is a less-known cosmetic procedure, it does not have to be elective. The procedure can correct vision loss due to upper or lower eyelids that are droopy – important link.

The medical profession also calls eyelid surgeries blepharosplasties. It was in 1800 that the procedure was created to treat cancer patients with deformities. In order to correct the deformities of returning veterans, this procedure has become more common. In recent years, elective eyelid surgeries are becoming more and more common. Eyelid surgery, along with cosmetic treatments such as browlifts and facelifts, is most often combined.

The recovery time is shorter and the stress level lower for elective patients. The combined procedures also produce impressive results. The patients that want a brow or face lift also often wish to appear younger. The eyelid procedure is one of the best ways to accomplish this. Not all eyelid drooping and wrinkles can be fixed by plastic surgery. If you want to get rid of puffy and wrinkled eyes, surgery may not be your best choice.

The use of dermal fillers or lasers is another option for improving the look of your eyelids. However, these options aren’t permanent. If you don’t want to go through other forms of lifting, then this is the option that may work best for you. The surgery is often difficult and long. Ptosis describes droopy upper eyelids. Ptosis can be caused either by poor muscle tone or nerve damage. This condition often leads to reduced vision, which is why patients opt for reconstructive surgical eyelids to restore their eyesight. Interessantly, reconstructive eyelid surgeries can only be done on the upper lids. The lower half of the eyelids are rarely used for reconstruction.

There are many ways to give your face a younger, fresher look. You can use eyelid surgery for either cosmetic or reconstructive purposes. Combining this surgery with others can give the best results.

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