Hard Water Solutions

Hard water is a problem that affects more than 60% of British homes. This simply means water that is rich in minerals. There are three options for dealing with hard water: chemical cleaners, conventional water softening systems and best water descalers.

Chemical cleaners

There are many chemical cleaning products that can be used to address the problem once it has occurred. These products are designed to dissolve any residue left behind by hard water and should be used frequently. Chemical cleaners are a laborious task that requires frequent scrubbing. They also pollute the wastewater.

Conventional Water Softening System

A conventional water softening system is used to treat the water before it enters the home. These systems, which are plugged into the main water supply, are the most costly option. They require installation and initial purchase. Softened water might not be safe to drink due to high sodium levels.

Descalers magnetic or electronic

While magnetic versions are also available, an electronic water scaler is far more efficient. The device attaches directly to the main water supply line and uses radio or audio frequencies to prevent mineral buildup. Audio frequencies are the most efficient and don’t interfere with radio or television reception.

Although hard water is not dangerous, it can be a problem that can lead to significant plumbing and cleaning problems. Each solution may have its advantages and drawbacks. Consider the information above when deciding which solution is best for your hard water problems.