How to Find Your Life and Spiritual Purpose

Google searches are simple. You could search for “Are you an Empath? Intuitive? Psychic?” Within seconds you’ll be confronted with thousands of pages offering workshops or courses that invite you to join. For more information you can visit my website.

“Who is I?” “Who am i?” and “What is my role?” Many people start asking these questions as early as their 20s. It is often about their profession. This is the same as those who recognize a gift or ability but don’t know what they do with it.

People are looking to find happiness, satisfaction and a good relationship. While you may not be in your 20s anymore, you are still asking this question.

OK, here’s what the short answer is: Only you know! Is that what you are asking? I have a deep, important question in my soul and you tell me that only I know it. Are you kidding? While I knew it wasn’t for you, I thought you’d enjoy the longer version.

Start to go through your entire memory, taking inventory of everything that has been calling you. Things such as hobbies, things you do in your spare-time, or interests that are recurrently appealing to you. Maybe you’re drawn to people who work within the area.

You are searching for moments when you feel happy, something clicked, flows easily and everything feels right. It was clear that you wanted to know more. Working with it didn’t seem like work. This seemed like the next logical thing for you. It is a sign that you are on the right track when you have such an experience.

Another indicator is if there’s a common thread to your personal and professional experiences. Let’s say that you find yourself constantly drawn to people and animals who are sick, or that they find your medical terminology or TV shows fascinating. You could volunteer in hospitals, hospices and EMTs. You might give your friends and family unassisted holistic advice or help the person across the checkout line. Yet, you know that you never intended to be a nurse, doctor, or doctor.

If you think about it long enough, you will find you have always gravitated toward the healing arts. You may also remember that you are a huge fan of mystery novels with a medical focus. You might find clues in your dreams or through the help of friends, family, or strangers. Keep your antenna up, because the universe keeps giving you clues.

Do you find it difficult to connect the dots and create a cohesive picture? Learn how to connect and ask God, God of the Universe, your higher self, whomever you want.