It’s time to revolutionize the way you live with a water softener

When you get sick of hard water damaging your skin, clothes and appliances it is time to invest in a water conditioner. Pro + Aqua FBAWSP-16 is a water softener that’s one of our favorites. With cutting edge technology, you can transform your home by providing clean, soft and delicious water. More help!

Pro + Aqua FBA WS P-16 – First and foremost it uses a high-capacity, resin-based material that has a very effective way of removing hard minerals. Water softeners can handle any water. They have a grain capability of up to 16,000. This means that they will not damage your appliances, or irritate you skin.

Pro + Aqua FBA-WS-P-16’s cutting-edge style is what makes it stand out. Space-saving and easy to install, this water softener will fit in any home. The simple installation and intuitive UI will allow you to have soft water at home in no time.

Pro + Aqua FBA FBAWS-P-16 also excels in terms of its efficiency. Water is not wasted due to its high flow rate. The easy-to-replace cartridge makes maintenance simple. This eliminates the time and effort of backwashing.

All these features would be worthless if Pro + Aqua FBA WS P-16 did not effectively remove minerals. But don’t worry! The water softener can help you get rid of the ugly stains that hard water causes.

Pro + Aqua FBA WS P-16 offers a complete water softener. This compact water softener is the best option for your home because of its efficiency, effectiveness and simplicity. With its innovative technology and high capacity resin, it will also revolutionize your house by providing you with soft, clean and delicious water.

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