It’s the Battle of the Blots! DIY Spots and Stain-Vanishing Actions

Everyone has been there. The glass of wine is on precarious balance, then crashes onto the perfect carpet. You might find a dollop or pasta sauce slipping off the plate. Carpet Cleaning North Shore, for example, is the obvious choice. However there are also times when we feel like a little DIY magic. Prepare to donning your cleaning cape. Get ready to dive in the treasure chest of home remedies, more about the author!

1. The unsung Hero of Club Soda

Spilled beer, wine, or both? Instead of crying over the spill, try club soda.

Technique: Blott the area on a cloth with a little club soda. If you don’t see results immediately, combine it with vinegar. Spray this solution directly on the problem area. Let it stand for 15 mins, and then remove.

2. Dishwashing liquid: not only for dishes!

When it comes to grease, we can turn to our dishwashing soap, our trusted kitchen friend, for help.

Technique: Dilute a little dishwashing soap with warm tap water. The stain can be treated by spraying or dabbing. You can blot it until all the grease is gone.

3. Fluffy Savior: A Shaving Product

This simple shaving cream has surprising effectiveness for staining.

Technique: Apply shaving foam directly to the stain. Leave it for at least 30 minutes. You can remove the stain by blotting it with a sterile white cloth.

4. Gums Freezed

Did you step on gum, and bring it inside? Not to be afraid!

Method: Get a couple ice cubes and head to the fridge. For approximately 30 seconds, place the gum in the freezer. As soon as it’s solidified with the spoon, remove.

5. Diy Deep Cleaner with Vinegar & baking soda

This kitchen staple will do wonders for a fresher, deeper clean.

Technique: Sprinkle the baking soda onto your carpet, and leave it for a few days. Poursuspend a spray of equal parts vinegar and water. Wipe away the fizzing solution once it ceases to bubble.

6. Iron Out Wax

A candle that has dripped wax on it can make you feel as if your life is in danger.

Place a cloth directly over the wax. Place a cloth over the wax and press an iron to heat it up. This will cause the wax melts, and the cloth to adhere. It is easy to remove.

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