In three easy steps, you can sell on Amazon

Selling on Amazon is simple. After listing a few items, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try it sooner. You also get twice the exposure for your goods if you spend time product sourcing from places like garage sales and estate sales. It’s not difficult to sell on Amazon. The process is similar to all other e-commerce platforms: buy low, sell high. It’s as easy as that. You can see Very informative article on selling Amazon accounts for more information.

A common question people have about selling on Amazon or other platforms, is how much should they make for each item sold. While that is up to them, I can only say that you need to make a profit after all expenses are taken out. One item can bring in a lot of revenue, but you can also sell many smaller items to make little money.

Step 1: Open an Amazon Seller Account. If you are just starting, open a basic seller account. After you have sold 40 products per month, upgrade to a paid pro-seller accounts. There are several reasons you might do this. The breakeven is 40 products. If you already have a buying account, opening an account is simple.

Step Two: Source the Items. Now you can sell your items on the site. As with eBay, it is a great idea to use the site to list books, DVDs, and CD’s that are already in your house. The item must have a bar code so you can sell it new. Toys that you sell must be either new or collected. (In future articles I’ll talk about how you can bundle items to make them unique when you are a pro merchant.

Step Three – List like mad – There is a variety of ways to list on Amazon. To start, go to the item pages on Amazon. On the left, you’ll see a Sell yours Here button. Once you have filled out the details, you can click the next button. It will tell you how much it is going to cost you. If you are happy with the amount, click again. It is very simple.

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