How to Create Art in Your Life by Painting Beauty

Daniel Cristian Chiriac (born 1972) is an oil painter from Romania. Ses preferred styles include realism and Surrealism. Chiriac’s love of beautiful old master paintings was rekindled after years of abstractionism. Intending to learn more about the art of old masters, he began to abandon the abstract style. Instead, he adopted surrealism as well as fantastic realism or classical realism. The majority of his life is spent with his young daughters and wife. His story is filled with humor and anecdotes about his experiences of being an artist. Find out more?

What’s the story of “Till end of time”, “The last Love of Don Juan” or “Till there is no more love”?

The story is not as important to me as the fact that these two paintings represent my favorite works.

Daniela is my beloved lady and I painted a poem of love to her. My sitting model is her.

The image is a metaphor for time’s evaporation. The love is what counts, and it must be kept alive throughout the years.

This is also my very first attempt to work with the Golden Proportion. This is the first time I’ve ever done so much math for just one composition. Why would anyone say love isn’t math? Daniela is an math teacher.

The second painting was something I’d been thinking of for years. On the street, I noticed this title. It was from a play. This play was obscure, and since I hadn’t watched it before, the only similarity between my composition and it is just its title. It was that title which inspired the whole story.

What if Don Juan’s last “love”, after which he was supposedly destined to go to hell, didn’t happen?

As the word itself states: Last…, so, Don Juan was the last to love. Then, he would be thinking about what his feelings were for the very last of Don Juan’s loves. Digress… back to main story.

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