How Often are Carpet Cleaning Services Reliable?

Carpets can be neglected when it comes time to take care of other areas in the home. Carpets are left out in cold weather get more info, despite being cleaned on the floor and windows. Most homeowners do not feel the need to clean carpets except if there is a stain or if they are prone for sneezing. But how often are your carpets actually cleaned?

Website Maintenance

Carpets that are regularly maintained are less likely than those that aren’t. Professional cleaning can extend the life of your carpets by at least two years. It is best to have professional carpet cleaning done if you feel guilty for not cleaning your carpets as often as necessary or if you have carpets that see a lot. A vacuuming once per week is enough to keep your carpets clean and reduce the need for professional cleaning.


Carpets in homes are less likely needing to be cleaned than carpets indoors. They also encounter very few dirt particles each day. If the homeowner is able to take off their shoes before they step on the carpet, it will reduce their need for cleaning. In the event that children spill on carpets, families with children may need immediate professional assistance. Pets can also make carpets more dirty. Velcro pads and vacuuming can remove pet hairs. However, pets can attract dirt from outside which can then soil carpets. Carpets in public and commercial buildings will require more frequent cleaning. It’s difficult to identify where shoes originated or what contaminants they may have brought onto the carpets. It is possible for carpet fibers to become stuck. This can be easily cleaned by vacuuming. Public carpets should be cleaned at most once a year.

Too Much Cleaning

Over-cleaning is possible but not something that you should do. If you have the finances and the means, you might not want to have your carpets cleaned every other year. It is better to clean your carpets only once a calendar year, or every two years. Carpets can become weak and faded from exposure to chemicals used by carpet cleaning companies. Your carpet cleaning service will help you decide how often to have professional carpet cleaners clean it. They will not only clean and maintain your carpets, but they will also share tips and tricks with you to ensure its longevity.

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