How Much Does Hiring A Fence Contractor Costs?

Costs of hiring fence contractors are one of many reasons homeowners opt to install fences themselves. The majority of homeowners never bother to ask for a quote from a contractor, as they believe it will be expensive. The majority of homeowners will estimate the amount of material they require and attempt to complete all work by themselves.

So how much is it to hire an experienced fence contractor?

Most fences do not cost a lot. Contractors do not build fences, they install them. Hardware stores usually sell sections already assembled. These sections will then have to be secured to the posts placed along the property boundary. Installing these posts takes the most effort.

In terms of cost, the biggest factor is your property size. A post must be inserted in the ground every eight feet at the point of joining. As the number of posts needed for the fence increases, so does the amount of holes to dig and the quantity to mix concrete.

Add gates to the mix. Some yards may even need multiple gates. Each gate comes with an additional cost. Costs will be higher for larger gates such as those required by boats or vehicles.

Material is another important factor. Which fence material do you like? Composite, aluminum or iron? It is usually the cheapest, and it looks great. However, they don’t last as long. Aluminum fences look great but are not durable. Composite fences are beautiful, look just like wooden ones and will last much longer. There is also wrought iron, which can be maintained properly and lasts for many years.

In general, the price of installing a fencing is determined by how many linear feet will be used. In addition to the linear calculations, the hiring of a fencing contractor will also include labor costs for installing posts. The cost of hiring a contractor to install your fence may seem higher, but the work is guaranteed and they assume liability for any accidents that occur during installation.

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