Herbal Ally and Mysterious Mushrooms

In upstate New York, as summer turns to fall, Catskill Mountain forests are filled with magical, mystical and therapeutic mushrooms. Toadstool refers to many mushrooms which spring up between rains. The technical term is “fungi”. Fungi are plants. However, they do not have flowers, roots or chlorophyll. Some mushrooms can have strange, sexy shapes. Visit soulcybin review before reading this.

Others are capable of growing (and glowing) in the darkness. To make mushrooms part of your everyday diet, there are other factors. What is enough to make outwitting the effects of cancer an acceptable reason?

It’s true. The ability to prevent and reverse cancerous changes in cells is possible for any edible fungi. We’re not sure how. Perhaps because of the way fungi concentrate and share essential trace minerals that are needed to create strong, healthy immune responses, we don’t know why. Maybe it’s their rich supply of polysaccharides, interesting and complex sugars that are all-round health-promoters. Perhaps it’s because mushrooms contain high levels of protein as well as B vitamins. They also have low sodium and calories. The stalk, cap, gills and the underground structures (mycelia), of all edible mushrooms can be used to provide anti-cancer, immuno-tumor and other antibacterial properties.

It is important to properly cook mushrooms. University of Nebraska Medical School scientist found that mice who consumed large amounts of raw mushrooms, Agaricus bisporus, developed malignant tumors significantly faster than the control.

All over the place I travel in August and Sept, whether I’m walking on vibrant green Mosses or gently stepping across the deeply-scented fell pine and hemlock nees; whether I climb up rocky outcrops decorated with ferny whirls or walk through swamps full of mosquitoes; and whether I’m following the streambed or standing on ancient stone walls, inhaling the aroma of righteous Rot – my fungi friends are always on my mind.

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