Google Maps: A Local Business Marketing Tool

Google has replaced Yellow Pages as the place where people go to find local businesses bayanat. Google will provide you with searches based on your most relevant keywords and display information as data, images, or maps. As most day-to-day activities and business are conducted on the Internet, the Web is now the best platform for identifying yourself amongst millions of others in your industry. The search does not limit you to only the website of a company, but also the location of that place. Newer geospatial view tools are available from major companies like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. Google Maps has always been the leader amongst them. The AJAX-based interface provides you with highly detailed aerial imagery and allows you to add specific data on the map.

Google Maps helps you to find a place by entering its address in the bar of search. Search results can be displayed as a map, satellite image or both. Search options are divided into four categories: locations, business, user-created map and real estate. For businesses, you can either give a generic search or enter a specific search with the company name. The results of your search are displayed in the upper left corner. These are the ads already listed under Google AdWords. Google AdWords, also known as pay per click advertising, allows local business to target ads for specific geographical regions or geographic searches.

The Google map listings are not paid, so you cannot pay to appear there. Google’s organic listings are more popular than paid ones. The local map listings receive the highest number of clicks in the regional based search results. Local map listing optimization therefore becomes a significant factor in local internet marketing. Many firms claim that they adhere to Google Quality Guidelines for Map Listings. You will be penalized if you do not hire an expert firm in map optimization. To be listed in Google’s local business center, your company must enroll. Google sends an activation code to you after you register your product. You can expect that your business will be listed on the Google map in six weeks. The next step is to create an ad campaign and sign up for a Google AdWords. After you have completed all the steps, you can create a Local Ad. This allows you to have your business appear in both the left column as well as on the map. Google maps is an excellent platform for marketing your business.

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