Gemstone pendants: how they can affect your life

Make pendants from many different gemstones including rubies, Opals and other types read here. Pendants made of gemstones are popular with both men, and women. Each stone is believed to have a magic healing power and to provide many benefits to its wearer. Pendants made out of gemstones are still used today. This list includes nine gemstones with different effects that can affect your personality, spirituality and health.


It increases self-awareness. It improves blood circulation. And it gives you more energy and courage. It relieves stress and calms your nerves. Wear a pendant containing hematite to reduce fever. This will pull heat away from the body. Hematite also is known as the birthstone Aquarius or Aries.

NEW Jade

This gemstone is only found in the color green, which is what most people know. This gemstone is available in five different colors, besides green. There are also black, white and red. This pendant is detoxifying and cleanses.

Green Aventurine

This stone is worn by people who want to achieve balance and harmony in their life.

Red Jasper

Jasper comes in different colors. But the pendant with red jasper gems is able to calm nerves and regulate emotions. This stone has a positive vibration, is energetic and associated with passion. You can use this stone to increase your sexual desire and detoxify. Leos, Ariess and red jasper are all born in Leo.

Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye Pendants, made with Tiger Eye Gemstones, are used to represent the strength, confidence and cunning of a Tiger. This gemstone helps the digestive system.


The Sodalite stone pendant can improve your communication abilities. It also brings joy and calmness to your inner being. When working in teams or with others, it is a great tool to have. It promotes metabolism. Sagittarius has this birthstone.

Rose Quartz

Looking to improve your relationship with someone? Wear a rose quartz pendant. This crystal brings harmony and compassion. This crystal is a great way to encourage kindness and friendship. Your mind won’t be cluttered all day by your computer. You will feel less stressed and tired. This is a pendant that will suit Libra and Taurus.


The most popular and valuable gemstone pendant. If you want to concentrate or make decisions, this is the pendant for you. This stone is able to cleanse the mind.


This pendant can help you forget about fear, negative emotions, pains and anxieties. This pendant can help to eliminate fear, anxiety, and negative emotions. Capricorn’s birthstone.

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