Forex Trading: The Intelligent Investor’s Income Source

For investors, forex trading is one way to earn income. The capital required to trade forex is minimal. The possibilities for making a lot of money from forex trading are limitless, as long as the trader is careful about managing their finances. The forex trading market is far more profitable than the shares trade.

1. It takes a very small amount of capital
Minimum USD250 to open an Account Many forex brokers will offer both a small and large trading account. The micro trading account will let new traders get to know the market better before investing in more. There are no minimum capital requirements for forex trading. This is in contrast to shares, options and futures. USD1000. You can easily double that amount with a modest investment of just USD250. It is dependent on your trading skill and frequency.

2. There is a low transaction fee.
Trading shares doesn’t require us to pay fees. No broker fees apply. These fees can be paid by broker fees. Price difference between buying and selling.

3. Trades can be done at any given moment.
Forex trading is possible 24 hours a day. For those who live in Malayisa, Singapore or the Philippines, forex trading opens at 6am on Monday and closes at 6 am on Saturday. You are free to choose the trading hours that work for you, whether your business is professional or home-based. Forex trading is possible part-time as well as full-time. Forex trading isn’t possible with trades in other currencies.

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