Even Palette: Combining Timeless Rustic charm with Sleek Modernity

Looking for a perfect outfit to wear at your next function in the City of Angels. When you say “Party Rentals LA,” there are countless choices. Opus Event Rentals has the best balance of rustic elegance and minimalistic modernity.

Opus’ warehouse is like walking through a design museum – more about the author?

The rustic collection is a mix of handcrafted wood tables, antique accessories, which transports you back to the past, ornate detailing reminiscent barn weddings, country galas, etc. With their rustic collection, there’s warmth, nostalgia, and a strong connection to earth.

If you shift your focus, the world will be transformed. Modern materials, sleek designs, and neutrals are the order of the day. Opus’ modern collection boasts furniture that’s not just functional, but is also a testament of the design revolution in this era. Consider clear acrylic lounges, LED-lit dining tables and modern modular chairs.

Opus has a unique ability to combine two styles seamlessly. Imagine rustic wood tables adorned with contemporary metallic accents, or a lounge space punctuated with vintage lamps. Opus masters the art of this perfect fusion between old and modern.

A team of young designers, as well as seasoned designers, work together to make each event unique. The company doesn’t only provide furniture. They also provide visions. The company understands that, in such a large city, it is important to create events that resonate and appeal to a broad audience. And what better way than to blend the old charm with the new?

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