Eco Friendly Tips: How To Practice Green Living In Your bathroom

Most people view their bathrooms as sacred places whygoeco. The bathroom is often the only room in the house where people find peace and tranquility. We can sit in the bathroom and be alone, think and stare while we go about our business. Every day, we start and end our days in the bathroom. We brush our teeth in the bathroom, we relax with a bath and we eliminate waste. You may not have realized it, but our bathrooms are where we waste most of our resources. Of course, this does not have be the case. You can extend your eco-friendly life style to your bathrooms. You can also start with the bathroom if you are new to green living. You will save money by reducing your consumption of resources, such as water and electricity. Here are some tips on how to practice green living in the bathroom. Here are some examples.

1. When you wash your hands or brush your teeth, shut off the water faucet. You don’t need to let water run while you wash your hands or brush your teeth. Turn on the faucet as soon as you’re done cleaning. You can apply the same rule when taking a bath.

2. Toilet paper made with recycled materials is best, like post consumer recycled paper. The production of toilet paper and tissue products destroys acres and acres of forest all over the globe. The recycled toilet paper may not be as white, soft and perfect but you will be doing the earth a favor by choosing it over your perfectly white tissues.

3. Clean your bathroom with eco-friendly products. Typical bathroom cleaners contain harsh chemicals, which can cause skin irritation. Eco-friendly cleaners are made with natural ingredients and are safe to use. Find these cleansers at local eco-friendly stores.

4. Convert your toilet flush system. Did you realize that you consume gallons and even gallons with every flush? There is a simple way to reduce the amount of water used by your toilet flush. Pour this, you can place a bottle of water in your toilet’s tank. Bricks can be placed inside. The toilets are the biggest water consumers in the home, so this will help you reduce water waste.

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