Delicious Foods to Serve Around the Campfire

Each evening dinner is shared around the family table. Even though we are camping, dinnertime takes on another dimension. The whole family can enjoy cooking and prepping outdoors – read this.

Camping cooking has another advantage: you can cook the whole meal over an open flame, leaving little to clean up afterwards.

Camping meals are simple and easy to prepare. It is easy to cook a delicious, simple meal by prepping marinated meats and tofu at home. Then we cook the tofu over the fire using foil wrapped vegetables. We love foil wrapped potatoes, and we add these to the fire as well.

We often serve fresh-cut raw vegetables or a simple, healthy salad.

This simple recipe is easy to make and delicious. Cleanup is simple and everyone is happy waiting to make s’mores for dessert.

You can make your campfire meals even more delicious by starting your fire earlier. This will allow your fire to cool down and become hot without the rising flames. This will give you a more evenly heated base, and allow your food to cook better. It all depends on what kind of meat you are cooking. This will affect when your vegetables go on the campgrill. A whole potato takes about 30 minutes, depending upon its size.

For a delicious and flavorful dish, add some good quality olive oils (we prefer Spanish varieties), butter, salt, and some of your favorite spices.

Marinate your meat and place in ziplock bags in a freezer bag. They will quickly thaw inside your cooler and be ready when you grill them.

Breakfast is another tasty and delicious campfire meal. Who can resist eggs and bacon cooked on a fire? For vegetarians like me, you might skip the bacon. It’s delicious to cook eggs and toast over a fire, but it tastes even better.

Cooking over an open flame is easy when you use heavy-duty saucepans and pots. Our cast iron pans are always handy for camping. They can withstand most anything and don’t need to be rusty from the fire.

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