Craigslist Marketing: Promote Your Product or Service

You can find a rough estimate of how many people has received each month. An average month, craigslist receives 30 million visits to their home page. This means that every month, craigslist gets at least 30 million people looking to respond to or post ads. Visit our website and learn more about Craigslist Posting Service.

Now, Craigslist may get more than 30,000,000 visits per year since they have a subdomain for every major American city and every US state. Craigslist is now international, with subdomains available for all major cities. Geotargeting your customers is possible if you are local to your business. You may also be able to expand your international operations.

Let’s now get to the essence of advertising on craigslist. You will find the same categories in each subdomain, regardless of where you are located. These categories include everything, from housing and jobs to for sale. Each main category is further sub-categorized. For sale is an example. It has subcategories that include computers, electronics and cars. These subcategories make it easier to target your customers.

After selecting your city, state, or category, you can place your ad. Your email address is all you need to post an ad. This can be hidden to avoid being spammed.

Craigslist allows anyone to view every ad that you post. This means that your ad may be viewed by hundreds to thousands of people every day. If you post more than one advertisement, you will receive more visitors.

There are several ways you can post more than one advertisement per day. Either you hire someone to post your ads, or you can get Craigslist’s auto poster software. This is not to spam Craigslist every day with hundreds of ads, but rather to make it more manageable to post one a day. It’s easy to create an ad once, then have it republished every other day by paying someone or clicking a button.

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