Buy Genuine Silver Jewelry with Quick and Easy

Most suppliers make the claim that only genuine and fine pieces of sterling silver are available. But this is often not the truth. It’s always better to buy real silver jewelry whether you shop online Orlando Jewelers. Silver jewelry can look real if it’s not checked.

How to confirm the genuineness of your silver is essential. This can be accomplished in several ways. This guide details the steps to take in order to confirm the authenticity. With this ultimate guide you will know how to identify genuine accessories.

Learn the level of purity in silver

The purity level can be used to check the authenticity of your jewelry. Because sterling silver is not 100% pure, this test must be performed. A mixture is created by mixing sterling silver with other metals that are more resilient. This alloy, while usually stronger than normal silver (which is incredibly soft), is still a good choice for jewelry. Our jewelry contains “engineered-silver” which helps to increase usability, durability, and strength. A purity test must be performed. It is common to see the “925” engraved on genuine sterling pieces. This number indicates that this silver alloy contains 92.5% of pure silver, one amongst the best on the markets. The number on the jewelry is an indication that it’s authentic. A piece that is not authentic may require more work.

Find the marks

You can verify authenticity by checking for markings on your jewelry or the silver grades. Genuine silver products are marked in a way that makes them easy to recognize as such. These hallmarks may be hidden or extremely small.

Use a magnification glass and bright lights to easily identify these hallmarks. You can inspect your silver product in a more thorough way by checking the marks. In this way you can confirm that it is an authentic product. When it comes to sterling silver, you can tell the difference by the markings “925” and “STERLING”.

EPNS can indicate that your jewelry is low quality. EPNS is an acronym for “electroplated Nickel Silver.” You are not holding genuine silver. What you hold is actually a nickel alternative that has been designed to look similar. This is because pure silver has a high malleability. Silver is malleable, which means it’s easy to bend.

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