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Most law firms are composed of multiple people. They are set up in a hierarchy, with Partners at the top and different levels of Associate Attorneys below. Associates are employees while Partners are the business’ owners. Associates often have the opportunity of moving up the ladder in order to become Partners. Associates get paid wages but also have the opportunity of sharing in the profits. More help!

It is crucial to have a written agreement, or contract, between Associates (or the Firm) that outlines each party’s rights and obligations as well the conditions under the terms of advancement. The following is an example contract between an Associate of a lawfirm and an Associate. It may be modified to meet the requirements of a lawfirm hiring an Associate Attorney.

This AGREEMENT between the Law Offices, Smith, hereinafter referred t the “Firm”, Joe Blow, hereinafter the “Attorney,” was made this 21st Day of March 2011.


The Firm operates solely as a Sole Proprietorship. If the Firm becomes a different type of business organization within the terms of this contract, this contract will continue being binding on both it and the Attorney.

The State of Texas has issued a license for the attorney to practice legal services.

The Attorney and the Law Firm wish to have the attorney as an employee.

It is agreed by the parties and between them as follows:

Section 1. Section 1.

Employment. The Attorney is employed by the firm and accepts employment as an lawyer in accordance the terms of this Agreement.

Full Time. Full-time.

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