Aluminum Flagpoles-The Advantages

Aluminum flagpoles make a great choice as they are strong, lightweight and versatile. They also come in a range of affordable prices. You can use them commercially or for residential purposes. Some are even eighty feet long. An aluminum flagpole is weatherproof and can withstand most weather conditions. Aluminum flagpoles can be purchased in one-piece or telescoping versions. Available colors include natural, dark browns, blacks, and even telescoping models. The color that is most appropriate for you and your company will be chosen. For any dirt or grime, you can wash the pole with mild detergent, check here.

Aluminum flagpoles come with either an external or internal Halyard System.

External systems include ropes and other equipment. This system is proven but is susceptible to being vandalized, or even noisy when there is wind.

The equipment is protected using internal systems. The base has a hatch that allows you to access the Halyard. This is the more expensive option.

Flagpoles made of aluminum must be held in place by a groundleeve and concrete foundation. The pole must not extend below ten percent of its length and your flag cannot exceed forty percent.

Your telescoping aluminum flagpole should be properly secured. This will ensure stability during high winds.

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