Advantages And Disadvantages Of Web-Based ERP Software

Web-based ERP is certainly a controversial subject due to its benefits and drawbacks. Some people argue that web-based ERP doesn’t offer all the functionality and benefits offered by ERP software thinktribe. However, it is an attractive option for small and medium businesses who don’t possess the financial resources to buy ERP software. The benefits of web-based ERP are clear for businesses. However, the business owner must decide if these benefits are sufficient for their activities.

ERP was originally only used in the manufacturing industry. However, it evolved and is now being implemented in many companies. This is because ERP has the potential to automate and integrate various business processes and the activity from different functional departments. This allows all the departments to be able to instantly access the databases, which results in significant time and money savings.

The best thing about web-based ERP is the ability to access it remotely from any location with an internet connection. Access is possible with or without passwords and communication can be done quickly and efficiently. Any manager, or other employee located outside the business premises, can easily access data to any department within the company. This is especially beneficial for salespeople who often work outside the office. It allows the company to respond quickly to customer needs and makes it easier for them to do their jobs. It is easier to manage customers’ complaints, requests, and orders. The company’s responsiveness also increases. Managers will also have the ability to manage their business and take important decisions regarding resource allocation, among other things, from wherever they may be.

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